Empowering you to heal and recover from spiritual abuse and other damaging spiritual practices


What is spiritual abuse?

Spiritual abuse occurs in many forms and instances, and is more subtle than you may realize.  Simply put, it takes place when someone in spiritual authority uses their power to harm rather than to do good.  People often think that spiritual abuse occurs in settings such as cults, or in situations where several people are under the influence of a powerful leader.  However, spiritual abuse can be far more subtle , can occur in situations where a few people affected.  Someone affected by spiritual abuse may not fully realize it until after it has occurred, because it is so ingrained in the religious culture.  


Is spiritual Abuse Therapy Right For you?

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are dealing with any of these issues, spiritual abuse therapy may help

  • Painful experiences and concerns related to religion, church, and spirituality are affecting your mental and/ or health                                                                                                                                           
  • You have been harmed by harmful and abusive practices that are supported by your religious group (upholding of harmful gender stereotypes, twisting of Scriptures to support abuse or harm)

  • You have felt targeted or alienated by your spiritual leader for questioning or disagreeing with their practices

  • You feel torn between leaving and staying with this spiritual organization, despite all the challenges you have been through

  • You do NOT feel that your spiritual leader is an emotionally safe or trustworthy person                      
  •  Your spiritual organization values you only for what you do for them, instead of who you are

  • Your concerns are often dismissed or criticized in the name of being “positive” or “submissive”

spiritual abuse recovery Therapy: What does It Look Like?

We help you understand and reframe the spiritual abuse you experienced in a way that empowers you move forward, heal, and avoid future spiritual  abuse.  Together we tackle the shame, grief and uncertainty you feel to help you reclaim your boundaries, voice and discernment. 

What are the Benefits of spiritual Abuse recovery therapy?

My clients have experienced many benefits from therapy.  Spiritual Abuse Recovery Therapy can help you:

  • Heal emotionally and spiritually from the negative effects of spiritual abuse 

  • Regain or create healthy emotional independence and boundaries, especially with spiritual authority

  • Make spiritual decisions from a place of spiritual health and sound mind, not from fear or being manipulated/controlled

  • Choose safe and healthy religious settings, instead of recreating harmful ones from the past

  • Forgive and move forward mentally from those who have caused you harm

About My Approach to SPIRITUAL Abuse recovery therapy

Together, we will gently but firmly untangle one of your biggest giants: uncertainty.  Do I stay or do I go?  Confront the leader or not?  While or after experiencing spiritual abuse, survivors have challenges with uncertainty, avoidance, and anxiety.  We will develop a skillset to empower you to  build resilience in the midst of this uncertainty and learn to reframe your relationship with religion from a place of clarity, not one where you are being manipulated by fear or control.  Evidence-based practices are a part of my work, but they do not control all that I do.  

Rest assured that in our work together, you will have a safe space to express yourself without judgment, while gently being challenged to reach goals that you set. 

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